Private Officers Training Script

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Private Officers Training Script

Post by Kaceee on Wed Nov 30, 2016 8:04 pm

If any messages are shown in Blue then do not say this.
This Training script is for the Private Officers Branch to train Demi's.
Use Ctrl C= Copy and Ctrl V= Paste.

Hello, and welcome to the Ministry of State Security.
My name is [Name or Username] and I will be your trainer today.
If you need to go AFK/idle for any reason, please tell me.
At the end of this training, there will be a test so I suggest you take notes.
If you would like me to slow down at any point, please wave by typing: o/

Any questions before we begin?

First of all, some information about the Ministry of State Security.
The founders are montygioni.
The Minister is montygioni and we currently have no Vice Minister.

Within the Ministry of State Security we have 3 divisions.
These are Private Officers, Auditors and Unionary.
If you work hard you will be interviewed to be in one of the three divisions.

Here at the Ministry of State Security we have a few main commands:

1. FTF- Fill The Front: When you are given this command, you take a seat at the front desk.
If someone sits opposite you, greet them with: “Hello, how may I help you?”
If they request a job, ask them to change their motto to [MSS] Demi.

2. FTB- Fill The Back: When given this command, go to the break room.

3. FTCC - Fill Control Centre: When given this command you must fill the control centre (security)

4. BTB- Back To Base: When this command is given you go back to the main base.

5. CTH- Clear the Halls: When given this command, you must either sit FTF, FTB or FTCC.

6. F&C - Front and Centre: When this command is given you must do the following steps:
1. Stand up, 2. Wave, 3. Say: Sir yes Sir or Ma'am yes Ma'am (depending on their gender).

Once given the command RE (Return) you must go back to your previous position.

Here are the rules of the Ministry of State Security:

1. Respect everyone, regardless of level, gender or beliefs, we're the same.
2. Asking for promotions or rights is not allowed and may give you a strike.
3. Don't flood, spam, use effects, capitals or dance inside base.
4. Don't use commands that spam the room (sex, weed, push, pull).
5. Respect all of the higher ranks as they are focused on your best being.
6. Swearing or any type of racial language is not allowed.
7. Wear appropriate clothing, dress or suit depending on your choice.
8. Never double job or self promote as this will lead to being fired.
​9. Never go AFK on FTF or FTCC, you must always go FTB.
10. Meetings must be attended each time unless good reasoning.

We will now move on to a 5 question test.
In order to pass, you must answer at least 3 of the 5 questions correctly.
Any questions before the test?

*If there is more than one trainee in training, ask them to whisper their answers to you*

Q1: Name and give the definition of all six commands.

Q2: Who is our Vice Minister and Minister?

Q3: Can you name three of the Ministry of State Security divisions?

Q4: Name five of the rules of the Ministry of State Security.

Q5: Who are our founders?

*Whisper the following if there is more than one trainee being trained*
*If they have passed*

Congratulations, you have passed! Take note of my username as you will need it when entering base.

Please make your motto: [MSS] Officer I <Your Tag>

We shall now head back to base, please follow me until I AE you.
*Stand anywhere and say this:*
Thank you for completing training! You may now RE.

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